Gradient rotation mixer

Category: Microfluidic designs 
Design house: University of Twente
Reference: utwente-mixer

Title: Gradient rotation micromixer


Summary: The gradient rotation mixer works on the principle of rotating the diffusion interface of two liquids from the vertical plane to the horizontal plane. Since the diffusion distance from top to bottom is much smaller (10um) than from left to right (200um), fast and efficient mixing is achieved. The mixer principle can be adapted to a wide range of flow rates, and a wide range of diffusion constants.


Technology: This design can be realized in a broad range of materials (glass, silicon, polymers). It requires two fluidic layers, which need accurate alignment.


Specifications: The current design operates at 1uL/min, mixes at ~90% efficiency, in 790pL in tens of milliseconds.


Keywords: passive mixer, fast, low-volume, drug screening, proteomics


Contact: Mathieu Odijk, University of Twente,

Contact:  University of Twente

7500 AE ENSCHEDE Netherlands
Contact: Mathieu Odijk

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