12-Pack OOC Membrane Layers, PET 0.45 µm, Transparent

Categories: Microfluidic devices  / MFBB 
Manufacturer: Micronit
Reference: 00738

The layer containing the cell culture membrane is placed in between two resealable glass slides to form two separate flow chambers. This allows the flow of two different fluids, either liquids or gases, on either side of the membrane. This dynamic microfluidic flow approach enables new and innovative ways to culture cells and tissues while offering precise and continuous control during the complete culturing process. The membrane layer forms together with a top and bottom layer (product 00739) an organ-on-a-chip resealable flow cell.


Product Code 00738
Number of chips per pack 12 (middle layers only)
Layer Thickness Carrier 0.4 mm
Material Carrier Layer Borosilicate glass
Membrane Material PET
Thickness Membrane 12 µm
Membrane Surface ~1 cm²
Membrane Pore Size 0.45 µm
Membrane Pore Density 1.6 E6
Membrane Appearance Transparent
Membrane Surface Treatment Cell culture treated

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